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Who We Are ...


 My name is Störii, I am a Medicinal Herb Farmer & Registered Herbal Therapist who holds a professional membership with the BC Herbalist Association (BCHA). 

I have been working with plants as medicine for
15+ years, studying formally through Pacific Rim College, graduating studies at Dominion Herbal College and spending many years apprenticing under several beloved and influential herbal practitioners. 


My greatest teachers of all, have always been the plants and the green world that surrounds me.

Within our gardens, it is a gift to cultivate and work with over 50+ medicinal herb varieties; each plant with it's own unique teaching & medicine. My intention is to grow, or ethically wild craft, almost all the herbal preparations I use within my clinic. I am honoured to be connecting plants and people both through growing medicine and offering herbal preparations.

~ If you are interested in booking a herbal medicine consultation with me just head on over to the CONSULTATION page for more information ~


In Heart,
        Störii (RHT)

.   .   .


My name is Dane.

I am a biochemist, plant biologist & biodynamic herb farmer. I also have a passion for art and design and am currently completing my Master's degree in Architecture. Above all, and most importantly, I am a husband & father.


Though I wear many hats, I believe that if you are able to do what you love, you are able to accomplish absolutely anything.

This philosophy has enabled me to follow my dream through biology & sustainable design and onto the farm.

Cultivating a deep relationship with the land we call home, and love of the natural world is something I strive to nurture within myself and my children.

~ Dane (B.Sc)

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