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Our Animals

We are so grateful for all of the animals at the Wild Folk Homestead. There is so much joy in raising livestock; from pigs, sheep, chickens to our own cat and dog everyone has their unique part to play.

Southdown Baby Doll Sheep

Also, known as the "smiling teddy bear sheep", this sweet miniature breed are such fun and easy keeper's. Because of their size, Babydoll sheep are excellent to have on small farms and homesteads. Lambs are slow to gain, but if you can handle harvesting these sweet creatures, the meat is delicious.

Either for pets, wool, meat or just for fun, these sheep are total doll's.

We will have lamb's for sale in the Spring 2022, please reach out to be added to our lambing list!

Polish_20211022_181147306 (1).jpg

Kunekune Pigs

Meet Totoro & Ponyo, our two sweet registered Kune Kune Piglets!

Originating from New Zeland, Kune Kune (meaning fat & round in Maori) pigs are a small, docile and also great for smaller homesteads. With their short snouts they are known for their preference to graze grass, and do quite well on pasture. They are such a joy and relatively easy keepers; give them a scritch and they will happily roll over for a belly rub!


Heritage Chickens

We raise several different breeds of heritage chickens from Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock to smaller breeds like Wyndottes. We mainly keep chickens for 4H and egg production.


Holland Lops

We raise Holland Lop bunnies for sale and as our own beloved family pets. The smallest of the Lop breeds, they are a joy to keep, can be litter trained, and make excellent therapy animals.
Below is Apple-Ooshky-Bun Bun!

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