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Appointment Information

An initial new patient appointment is 60-90 minutes. During our time together we will discuss any current health concerns (emotional/physical/spiritual), dietary and digestive health, plant medicine connection & more. All consultations are confidential and you will be held within a safe and nurturing space.

After your appointment I will suggest herbal medicine preparations to support you and your individual needs. I may also make suggestions for nutritional supplements and dietary recommendations.

Sometimes there will be a few day turn around time to prepare medicine and your unique herbal protocol using plants specific to your consultation. Almost all of the medicine used within my clinic is grown by us, so preparations provided are all mindfully cultivated, fresh and potent!


Follow up appointments are recommended to stay connected with each other, and fine tune/adjust protocols if need be.



Sliding Scale Investment

I am excited to be offering complimentary Herbal Medicine Consultations!

I ask that just the cost of your herbal preparations be covered, which are available to you on sliding scale. A made-for-you herbal package is recommended to you after your appointment, and may consist of herbal tea blends, tincture formulas, herbal salves, syrups & capsules.

Sliding Scale for this usually looks like $60- $90, so please take into consideration your financial means and what feels best for you. 

Plant medicine is the medicine of the people. I believe in accessible appointments and integrative health care support. If cost is a barrier to you, please do reach out for more payment/accessibility options.

I look very forward to working together and facilitating your healing journey &connection with plant based medicines!


Disclaimer: Herbal Medicine Consultations are not intended as a substitute for medical health advice/care of your physician, nor are they meant to diagnose illness and health conditions. It is always recommended to consult and work with your medical care provider should you have any severe, acute or long term medical illness.

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