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Appointment Information

An initial new patient appointment is 60-90 minutes. During our time together we will discuss any current health concerns (emotional/physical/spiritual), dietary and digestive health, plant medicine connection & more. All consultations are confidential and you will be held within a safe and nurturing space.

After your appointment you will go home with a custom herbal protocol, intended to support you on your unique health and healing journey.


Follow up appointments are recommended to stay connected with each other, and fine tune/adjust protocols to best nourish you!


Herbal Consultation Pricing

Initial New Client Consultation (60-90minutes): $140

An initial appointment includes:

- full holistic intake
- custom take-home herbal protocol

- detailed personal herbal/wellness pamphlet
- continued connection & support through your first few weeks of working with your herbs

Returning Client/Follow Up Appointment (45minutes): $40


A Follow Up Appointment allows us to fine tune your herbal protocol to best support you.

During this appointment we will explore
 and connect on how you have been feeling since starting the herbs you have been working with. 

Follow-up's do not include refills, please review below for refill prices 

I look very forward to working together and facilitating your healing journey &connection with plant based medicines!


120ml Tincture Formula: $38
50ml Tincture Formula: $18
Large Loose Herb Blend: $25
250ml Herbal Syrups: $36
250ml Herbal Oxymels: $32
(other herbal preparations such as oils, salves, liniments etc are priced TBD)



Disclaimer: Herbal Medicine Consultations are not intended as a substitute for medical health advice/care of your physician, nor are they meant to diagnose illness and health conditions. It is always recommended to consult and work with your medical care provider should you have any severe, acute or long term medical illness.

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