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Upcoming on-the-farm Workshops!

Herbal Medicine & The Immune System
~ 1 Day Workshop

Sunday. Sept 24th 2023       10am -4pm

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Dane and I are excited to invite you to our upcoming workshop: Herbal Medicine and The Immune System!

Our bodies ability to fight off infection, heal & restore is nothing short of amazing. We have several layers of immunity, all of which can be supported with herbs and simple applications (both preventative and acute).

We aim to deliver a holistic herbal offering, that will leave you feeling resourced and empowered when it comes to supporting yourself and your community with plant medicines!

After this workshop, you will go home with a few different herbal preparations that you have harvested and made yourself to help carry you through the cooler Autumn/Winter months.

We hope to see you there ...

Summer Break 

July 10th-14th 2023
Ages 8-12yrs

Together we will gather at the Wild Folk Farm for 5 days of botanically packed fun!

Through herbal explorations, medicine making, animal husbandry, team building skills & green games, we aim to deliver a truly engaging and nourishing camp for kiddo's. 


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