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High Mallow Seeds (Malva sylvestris)

High Mallow Seeds (Malva sylvestris)


High Mallow Seeds (Malva sylvestris)

With its high mucilage content, High Mallow has an affinity for the skin and acts as soothing topical medicine for conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and rashes. A soothing tonic for the digestive system, it can be used to relieve gastro pains including heart burn and ulcers. A very useful herb in respiratory complaints such as dry cough and sore throats. A must have, easy to care for, pollinator attracting perennial.​​


Family: Malvaceae​

Medicinal Actions: demulcent, anti-inflammatory, emollient​

Planting: Direct sow seeds in Spring or Fall, tolerates many soil conditions, prefers full sun

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